Sight for Sore Eyes (pdf)
Dartmouth Medicine 2001;26(1):26-35, cover
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Digital Biomedical Photojournalism (pdf)
Journal Biological Communication 2002;29(1)2-7
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A sunny week in Trinidad! But banish those visions of beaches & bathing suits. This is the story of Douglas Frederick, MD. He's a Pediatric Ophthalmologist from Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center who donated his time and expertise to Orbis International, a global non-profit organization. Best known for their flying eye hospital, ORBIS delivers eye care and blindness prevention resources throughout the world. Read the full story in Dartmouth Medicine.

This story was photographed in 2001 using a digital Nikon 990. Learn more about my photographic technique in the Journal of Biological Communication article.



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