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A Shooter, Writer, and Teacher

PJ Saine writes frequently, lectures internationally, and exhibits his photography in galleries and museums. With more than 25 years experience as a professional photographer, he has captured light on six of seven continents. A high energy presenter, PJ Saine has taught in 15 different countries around the world.

An accomplished writer as well as a photographer, Saine's publications include 4 books and more than 50 articles and columns. His series of ophthalmic photography textbooks have become the industry standard.

Contact PJ Saine via e-mail for regional & international assignments. His special interest is biomedical photojournalism. Other recent assignments incluse architectural photography for Mather Architecture.

What Others Have To Say

"Best class yet!"
"Made the hour fly by!"
"Love his energy and sense of humor!"
Quotes from course evauations

"Your popularity as a presenter was clear. We were lucky to have a skilled photographer and fine teacher introduce us to this topic."
Nancy Lev-Alexander, Guild of Bookworkers

'"You are a natural presenter -- one of the best I've seen. Your absolute and articulate mastery of the topic plus your considerable presentation skills are very impressive."
William Garrity, Dartmouth College

"I was delighted with the program you presented and several others shared their appreciation for your efforts. Your generosity in sharing furthers the field for many." Michael Peres, Rochester Institute of Technology

t article! I wish we could do digital imaging articles more often, because each one of yours has been an absolute peach!"
Chris McDonagh, EyeNet Magazine

"The images arrived this morning. They are truly magnificent and I am very grateful." Jack Kanski, Physician & Author, London, England

"You absolutely hit the nail on the head with the look I had in mind, so I am really pleased with how the piece came out. Thanks so much!" Dana Grossman, Editor, Dartmouth Medicine

Contact PJ Saine via e-mail

Signed, gallery quality prints of PJ's work are available. Contact him at with the word "Print" in the subject line.

For unsigned digital prints [frame them yourself or tack 'em to your cork board!], visit:

My Shutterfly Gallery

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