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PJ Saine’s Patented Pre-Surfed Web List
Click on the active links below. E-mail me if you find a broken link or to suggest an addition. Thanks!

General Digital Photography Equipment Sites
Daily general news and reviews of new equipment. Active since 1995.
Too much chatter on forums.
General photography news with active forums. Reviews by users, contests, and FM Software Actions & Plug-ins.
Useful essays & equipment reviews by Michael Reichmann.
Moose Peterson’s Nikon & nature photography news & reviews, articles & tips.
Useful general news with active forums.
Special features: Compact flash performance database, quick links on side for software and firmware updates.
Daily news and extensive reviews. Active since 1998.

Specialized Photography Sites
American Society of Media Photographers
Fun site suggest ways to modify your digital camera!
Complete discussion of cleaning digital camera sensors.
Monthly updated digital photojournalist web site run by Dirck Halstead.
Contemporary photography blog.
Need a camera manual? Look here.
National Press Photographers Association
A.D. Coleman – Dean of Photography Critics.
New England Camera Club Council
Outdoor photographer Uwe Steinmuller provides reviews from his viewpoint.
Plenty of links.
Pinhole photography: including digital SLR adaptable technology.
For rangefinder camera enthusiasts.
Portrait & wedding tips & tricks.

Buy and sell photo equipment.
Sports photography community with plenty of practical information.
For the underwater photographer enthusiast.
Cutting edge photography with a Latin flavor.

Sharing & Printing Your Photographs
Easy 3 step set-up for your very own blog.
Printing explained and profiles made here.
Yahoo’s share, print, & store.
Free and paid memberships.
The "Great Yellow Father’s" web printing service offers free prints with new membership.
Publish and sell your own monograph.
Turn your digital photo into a woven blanket.
Prints, photo books, mugs, etc. Free prints on membership.
A small fee = unlimited photos and no ads or spam.
HP’s photo printing site gives free prints for signing up.
Share your photos online at Yahoo and get the first 10 prints free.

Traveling Overseas?
Best around the world flight routes. Great daydreaming site.
Check out your international destination at the Center for Disease Control &Prevention.
My favorite international guidebooks
Check out your international destination at the US Department of State

Reputable Internet Camera Dealers
Buy & sell - new &used.
Trustworthy and encyclopedic.
Quality used equipment dealer in Atlanta.

Manufacturer & Software Websites
Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Acrobat, GoLive, InDesign
iBooks, iMacs, Ipods, and Widgets
Bibble RAW conversion software.
ThumbsPlus Software
Color calibration hardware & software.
Canon USA Digital Cameras
Paintshop Pro and Photo Album.
Canon Learning Center
Printers & scanners.
Portfolio: a professional image organizer
Photoshop-like freeware
Printers, Scanners, & computers.
iView Media: a professional image organizer
Falsh memory
Powerpoint & Word software.
Award winning web browser is open source freeware is available for Mac or PC.
Nikon Digital Cameras
Nikon Learning Center
Olympus digital SLR
Pentax SLR Center
Capture One RAW conversion software.
ProShow & Compupic Software
Desktop Publishing software.
Windows only organization & editing freeware.
Flash memory.
Great camera bags
PictureShow and PhotoImpact Software.

Interesting Publications & Educational Resources
Apple Pro/Photo
Color and color balance guru.
Washington state quarterly devoted to photography as a creative process.

Mac News Site: MacNN
Macworld Magazine's Site
Microsoft Windows Professional Photography
Outdoor Photographer Magazine
PC Magazine for Windows users.
Photoshop tips & tutorials
Popular Photography on the web.
Photoshop Guru.
Black & white 'zine from Dallas.

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