24 Hours On Call (download .pdf)
Photographs: PJ Saine, Text: Laura Stephenson Carter

Dartmouth Medicine 2005;30(1):34-47, cover
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This picture story documents a day in the of Hilary Ryder, MD - a second year medicine resident at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. Her 24 hour on call rotation begins at 7:30am on a Monday in early August. Dr. Ryder examines and admits patients, instructs interns and medical students, receives education by attending physicians, and responds to emergencies.

She ate 3 meals, took 2 caffeine breaks, and shared 1 midnight snack. Hilary Ryder slept for 2 of those 24 on call hours. She was awakened by her pager at 5am for a code in the CCU. Read the full story in
Dartmouth Medicine Magazine.
Alternate version: Journal of Ophthalmic Photography.



24 Hours On Call


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