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Ophthalmic Photography Gallery

Warning: These medical images can be graphic in nature.
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Anterior Segment Photographs
Many images on this page are paired. The establishing shot shows you the 'normal view'; the second is an interpretion of the same information using a specialized photographic technique.
Subluxated Lens
©PJ Saine 2005

Cataract (1)
©PJ Saine 2005

Cataract (2)
©PJ Saine 2005

Cataract (3)
©PJ Saine 2005

Birth Trauma
©PJ Saine 2005

Corneal Erosion
©PJ Saine 2005

©PJ Saine 2005

Tumor (Gonio Lens Photograph)
©PJ Saine 2005

Metalic Foreign Body in Angle (Gonio Lens Photograph)
©PJ Saine 2005
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