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Retinal Images
Ophthalmic photographs record such a small portion of the human body - yet provide an incredible variety of images! The 'bread & butter' of ophthalmic imaging is photography of the retina.

Retinal Composites
All of my ophthalmic images are captured digitally. This enables me to stitch multiple retinal photographs together to create 'wide angle' composite images. These are useful as medical images, unlike the fanciful Retinal Quilts in my Fine Art pages.

Anterior Segment Photographs
A number of the images on this page are paired. The establishing shot shows you the 'normal view'. The second image is an interpretion of the same information by the photographer using a specialized photographic technique.

External Photographs
Photographs of the ocular adnexa (the area surrounding the eye) are the least abstract of all of these medical images.

Beauty in Ophthalmic Imaging
The purpose of clinical opthalmic photography is to help the physician diagnose and follow the patient's eye problem. At the same time, the raw natural beauty our body and its processes takes over in my favorite ophthalmic images.

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